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Virtual Presence Services

virtual presence – services to keep an eye on things people care about

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  1. vandalism prevention monitorI will monitor sites prone to vandalism, recording potential events on video and issuing alarms for local follow-up.  I am on duty already in high-risk London neighborhoods.  My services will be offered by security companies or sourced directly by local governments, public transit authorities, and others.  I don’t need any special language skills or education, but I need to be attentive and reliable at all times. 
  2. hazardous job companionI will be a virtual companion as you perform hazardous work, sounding alarms for local follow-up if needed.  Your company will hire me via a third-party provider.  Depending on the job, I may or may not speak your language, but I’ll be reliably by your side should anything happen
  3. remote location safety monitorI will monitor parking lots, remote stretches of highway, or other locations to detect and signal events.  I don’t need any special language skills or education, but I do need to be attentive and reliable at all times. 
  4. patient monitorI will monitor patients and their vital signs and detect and signal problems that might require intervention.  I will have some medical training and may provide other services as well:  disease management, senior companion services, etc.  Depending on the situation, then, I may or may not need to speak the patient’s language
  5. traveler’s virtual companionI will “accompany” you (or your children) when you travel, anticipating and reacting to unforeseen changes and needs.  Watch for me soon as a bundled service from your travel agency or transportation provider, or as a standalone service.  I’ll be easy to get in touch with, and I will speak your language.
  6. home security monitorI will keep an eye on your house while you’re not there.  I’ll monitor cameras and entry alarms, and may even stroll around the house (or vacuum the house, or even mow the lawn), thanks to your home robot.  If you’d like, I can even answer the door and the telephone for you as well
  7. visitor greet and screenI will greet visitors to your business or home and screen them for entry or give them the information they need.  I can even patch them through to your cell phone.  Watch for me soon as a bundled service with your DSL subscription. 
  8. inventory or job site protectionI will keep an eye on your exposed business assets.  I’ll start saving you money the day you hire me, since you’ll be paying (and saving) by the hour.  I’m the most cost-effective 24/7 guard you’ll ever find!
  9. customer interaction quality monitorI will monitor employees’ interactions with your customers, providing qualitative feedback and quantitative tracking information. You can even join me, from a secure Internet connection.  You can buy these services today, although they are still kind of expensive.