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Design and Entertainment Services

design and entertainment – services that enrich people’s lives

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  1. customer collateral designerI design the product descriptions,  instruction sheets and owner’s manuals you see on many products and services you buy and use.  Because I work closely with the customer assistance teams, I can anticipate what information you’ll need to select, purchase and use these products.  We normally won’t engage in dialogue, but you’re likely to use what I write nearly every day.
  2. e-jayI will organize and deliver your music to you when and where you want it.  I will search out new music for you to sample.  I will entertain guests at your parties with custom playlists and background.  You’ll find and access all these services on your home media center or on any other web-connected music-enabled device (like your next cell phone or car radio, for example!).
  3. personal designer – I will work with you to design your home interior, your office, or your wardrobe in a way that suits your tastes and your budget.
  4. game partnerI will always be available to join you in the game of your choice, with the right skill level and degree of competitiveness to suit your preference.  Mostly we’ll play on-line, but with the right software we can yell at each other right through the PC. 
  5. matchmakerI will help connect you with the most appropriate other people to meet your social needs.  Way better than a blind date, I’ll do what no computer dating service can touch – I’ll take the time to get to know you and prospective friends.  Not available quite yet, we’re still working on the legal disclaimers
  6. senior companionI will always be available to my senior citizen clients to provide or obtain services, remind them to take their medication, or just to have a conversation, play games, or look things up on-line.  We’ll connect up on the phone, on WebTV, or on the Internet.  My services will be part of a subscription targeting the special needs of this segment of the population. 
  7. fortune tellerI will give you a personal reading from within my cultural heritage, about your life and your future.  You can take it seriously or just have fun with it.  I’ll offer one-time readings or a regular subscription service, and you can reach me on the phone or on my psychic website.  I can’t believe they put me in the “entertainment” section.
  8. story-tellerI will tell you or your children, gathered around the family PC or WebTV, stories on a particular theme or from a particular culture, at your convenience and suitable for your needs.  After the story, we can chat about what it might mean.  Nobody is likely to get rich off this application, but it is a good way for me to share my culture with you as you share your technology with us.