She’s your family doctor’s new assistant.  He’s tutoring your kids at school.  Their son helped you install your new PC last night.  And their daughter is going to keep an eye on your house while you’re on vacation next month. 
They are smart, honest, friendly, hard-working people.

But don't invite them to your next barbecue:  your new neighbors live and work in Mumbai, India (or in Dakar, Senegal, or in Quito, Ecuador).  Some of them won't speak English, and most of them won't share your religion, your political party, or your ethnic heritage. And together, as a family, they earn about $4 per hour. And yet, here we all are.

The New Neighbors will change your life.  In many ways, they will enrich your life and make things easier and more affordable.  But they will also change the way you are accustomed to doing things, and they may even compete for your job.  Whole new industries will be invented and built around what the new neighbors can do, and every existing industry will be forced to redefine itself around this new reality: 

services can now be developed and service workers employed almost anywhere on earth, with better quality and at a fraction of the cost of what we’re used to today.

  This website is an introduction to how this is happening, and how it will affect your life.